Второгодники - Вопросы в посольстве

Владюнчик "profitroli" Шартанов
Ребят, какие вопросы задают второгодникам, пишите плиз !!!
Anya Турова
Дааа! очень интересно!
Гена Максимов
About your FAMILY: 1. Are you married? Do you have children? No/ no 2. Do you live with your parents? Why? Why not? I don’t live with my parents, because they live in Dubassar but I’m studying in Chisinau and living here with my sister. 3. Have you got brothers or sisters? Are they participating in any exchange program? I have got a sister, and she never participated in exchange programs. 4. Have you ever been abroad? No 5. What do your parents think about your participation in the program? They agree my decision, and sustain me in my beginnings. 6. What is your parents (annual) income? How much do your parents earn? The annual income is approximately 5000$, and per month, both my parents earn about 500$ 7. Where do your parents work? My parents are the owners of a grocery store. About your STUDIES: 8. Where do you study? What’s your major? I study at the Moldavian institute of foreign affairs. 9. Why did choose to study…(your major)? Do you like? What is favorite object (teacher)? I think that now the economy is the most developed domain, I like it very much and I consider that the future pertains to economy. My favorite object is the world economy. 10. What you will do when you graduate the university? I’m going to open the business. 11. Does you dean (rector) allow to participate in this program? Yes, he agreed students’ decision and allow to pass our exams untimely 12. Have you passed all your exams? Yes 13. When you graduate the university? I will graduate university in 2009. 14. What year of study do you are? When do you begin your classes? I began my classes in 2006. Now I am in the second year. About your JOB: 15. When do you want/need to start your job in the US? On 27th May 16. What will you work? What will be your duties? What salary will you have? I will work as lifeguard, in the Theme Park. I should ensure guest safety, maintain high standards of safety, maintain skills at a rescue-ready level at all times, assist with various tasks including cleaning the park and picking up and removing trash, tubes and assistance with line control. I will earn 7 dollars per hour. 17. What job are you going to have in the US? Why did you choose this job? This work gives an opportunity of continuous contact with people, and gives a possibility to spend all time in the open air. 18. Where are you going to work in the US? Address? Company? Employer? I go to Texas, New Braunfels town, E. Austin 38, Shlitterbahn Waterpark 19. Where are you going to stay in the US? What are the conditions for housing? I will stay in the apartment offered by employer. Perhaps it will be an apartment of 2 bedroom, located just down the street from the Corporate Office, approximately in 1.4 km from Schlitterbahn, and will cost per person per week: $75. 20. What will you do if you have problems with your boss at work in the US? I will try to solve the created conflict diplomatically. 21. Who is your sponsor? My sponsor is Alliance abroad group 22. Who is your recruiting agency? STM Acord 23. How will your reach your employer? He will meet me at the airport. 24. Will you be the only person that will have this job offer? Who is coming with you? With me come also two my fellow students, and others 3 friends. About your USA TRIP: 25. How long are you going to stay in the US? I’m going to stay 4 months, till September. 26. When you leave USA? When will you come back to Moldova? I’m going to leave USA on 14th September 2008, and come back on 15th 27. Who gives you money for the trip? Who pays for your trip? My parents give me moneys for my trip. 28. How mach have you paid for the program? I paid 2100 dollars. 29. Why do you want to go to the USA? I want to go in the USA to discover new places, new cultures, and new people and of course to earn some moneys.
Гена Максимов
30. What is the purpose of your visit in USA? I want to improve the knowledge of English,+29 31. What is the most important thing for you that you want to obtain from this program? I want to improve the knowledge of English,+29 32. How this experience will help you in your future? This experience does more easeful the cultural exchange as well as it can facilitate the communication in whole and especially communication in English. 33. What will you do after you come back to Moldova? I will continue my studies, About Yourself: 34. Have you ever been abroad? Where and when? No 35. What is favorite country? Why? My favorite country is Moldova of course. I like its nature very much, our people is very friendly, it is a small diamond in the center of Europe, where all the benefits are exposed for your choice. 36. Do you have a job? Do you work right now? Yes 37. If yes, where do you work and what’s your job? I work as repair man in the GSM service. 38. Is it a full-time or a part-time employment? What is your income? I work part-time, and earn 100 dollars per month. 39. How many rooms are there in your flat? In my flat are 3 rooms, bathroom and kitchen. 40. Can you describe yourself? How can you characterize yourself? I’m very kapriznii I vrednii!!!!!!!also ea obijaiu odnu horoshuiu devo4ku!:) 41. Can you describe your hometown? Dubassari is a little town on the bank-river of Dniester; it has a big number of recreation centers on the Dniester. It is famous by its hydroelectric power plant. 42. What are your plans for the future? 43. How long have you been learning English? Where? 44. Did you take any courses? No 45. Have you got any medical restrictions? No 46. Do you have medical problems? No 47. Are you on medication? No 48. Do you have any chronic diseases? No 49. Have you ever been charged with anything in Moldova or abroad? No, never Unpredictable QUESTIONS: 50. Do you have any pets? 51. What are your hobbies? 52. What are you doing in your free time?
Гена Максимов
Я второкурсник) в посольство иду 15 мая, мне дали вопросы что б подготовиться, я на них ответил..может кому поможет..
Гена Максимов
Кто в Сан Антонио 2008 пишите в личку
Ирина Ashley Булатова
Эти вопросы смахивают больше на те, которые предоставляются для первой поездки. Для второй, не думаю, что они будут повторяться.
Анна Головкова
абсолютно тоже самое! и тем более, что консул не обязательно спрашивает ИМЕННО ЭТИ вопросы! я в прошлом году второй раз туда ездила, вот примерно, что спрoсил officer -you are going to colorado? right? -yeah, right -why? do you lilke mountains so much? -yes, i really love'em... blah-blah-blah... -ok, have a nice trip to US! вот и все!))))


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